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USB mode for SkyTrak + order of operations
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In order to charge your SkyTrak + you must follow these steps. If you do not, your SkyTrak + may discharge while using in USB mode. 

1: Plug SkyTrak + splitter cable into SkyTrak + underneath the dust cover. 


2: Plug the "Power only" USB-C cable into the provided AC power adapter. Wait for Yellow/Amber power light. 



3: Plug "PC' USB-A cable into your PC.  



4: Power on SkyTrak +. Wait for Green/Red/Red than open the SkyTrak application. 



5. Once you log in, your SkyTrak + will automatically connect to the SkyTrak unit and will show the following.

(Green/Green/Red) = Checking License Files

(Green/Green/Green) = Connected


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